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Bangladesh Society for Human Resources Management (BSHRM)


Bangladesh Society for Human Resources Management (BSHRM) has been established in December 2001 with the mission to develop the human resources professionals along with the vision of practicing modern HR systems in the country. BSHRM is the only largest Government registered national platform for HR professionals in Bangladesh which entrusted with the responsibility to provide leadership through education, training, development & networking, and knowledge sharing for introducing the world-class practices across the organizations and country.

APFHRM country reports

The members of the Asia Pacific Federation of Human Resource Management (APFHRM) meet regularly to share ideas,perspectives and information relating to the practice of HR in the Asia Pacific region and their individual institutes. Below are the country reports for Bangladesh.

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BSHRM International HR Conference 2018

:28 April 2018 @Sena Malancha (Opposite of Bangladesh Navy Headquarter, Banani, Dhaka, Bangladesh)

With time HR becomes the strategic business partner of any progressive organization and starts contributing to the bottom line of the profit and loss statement being an integral part of Management. HRM has been transformed as Human Capital Management. This transition in label is accompanied by a call for HR to become a strategic partner with the leaders of the business to contribute to significant business decisions, advice on critical transitions and develop the value of the employees-in short, to have a seat on the table. HR is always concerned with professional development opportunities that promote organizational and individual achievement. Utilizing the HR skills in organizational process, change management and culture stewardship, HR can help create and implement sustainable business strategy throughout the organization. HR knows what sort of structures will suit best for the organization and how to implement the same. The topic of sustainability has become important simply because consumers today are educated enough on both green and social issues and consider sustainability when selecting goods and services. So, business leaders are realizing the need for sustainable workplace and thus sustainable business practices can only make their companies more competitive in the long run in this era of competitiveness.

The ultimate aim of HR is to provide leadership through education, networking, shared knowledge and transfer of best practices across all the sectors. In recognition of the greater HR, 7th BSHRM International HR Conference-2018 aims at presenting content series called HR for Sustainable Business to contribute to the development of Human Resources through HR for Sustainable Business both locally and globally.

This will surely be a fantastic platform for learning where many new concepts from the HR experts from home and abroad is awaiting. This crowd of HR geniuses will allow us to exchange our views in the line with contemporary issues in the arena of HR and edify how to implement changes successfully to reach the apex. In many cases, we exchange our views, talk a lot about bringing changes but are we really ready to change? We need to be committed first to change ourselves, then to change others, the society. It is better not to criticize rather suggest for betterment. A conference with a commitment for exchange views and a vow to adopt changes can contribute to the development of human capital for sustainable growth for a brighter future.

Conference is a great avenue for exchange of ideas and thoughts, learning about new developments and generating a good network for continuous improvement. This type of conference focuses on HR professionals' achievement which, in turn, also assists the HR experts to understand the broader view of the HR field. HR experts get chance to share their performance and experience with all learners that facilitate the understanding of the rising starts regarding the significance of HR in operating a successful business. This gathering will help guiding critical HR transformation and conveying the message of the strength of HR by sharing best practices, tools and platforms. Future leaders of the corporate world shall be able to learn how to change their capacity building with high performance workforce that is more competitive, productive, effective and efficient.

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Annually offer one lifetime HR Achievement Award for lifetime outstanding support for HR practice in country

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