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Chartered Institute of Personnel Management Sri Lanka

Institute of Personnel Management Sri Lanka (IPM) was founded in 1959 by a small group of professionals with the objective of developing and promoting the profession of personnel management. The Institute was subsequently incorporated by an Act of Parliament in 1976, and its name was amended by Act No. 31 of 2018 as the Chartered Institute of Personnel Management (CIPM).

CIPM SL empowered by the government to develop Human Resource Management practices, standards, policies and procedures in the country while driving the discipline of Human Resource Management across corporate sector and state sector organizations as well as multiple industries in the country.

The CIPM SL is the pioneering and most recognized professional body in the Island when it comes to trend-setting in the HRM profession and is affiliated to the Asia Pacific Federation of Human Resource Management and World Federation of People Management Associations.

APFHRM country reports

The members of the Asia Pacic Federation of Human Resource Management (APFHRM) meet regularly to share ideas, perspectives and information relating to the practice of HR in the Asia Pacic region and their individual institutes. Below are the country reports for Sri Lanka.

Meet the Team
President of the Executive Council / Chairman International Affairs
Deputy Chairman International Affairs
CEO / Chief Officer, Director Business School
Major events

National Human Resource Conference (NHRC) 2024

05 - 06 June - Monarch Imperial, Sri Jayewardenepura Kotte, Sri Lanka.

National HR Exhibition

National HR Exhibition offers a rare opportunity to witness the latest introductions and innovative HR services, technology products and tools. Apart from showcasing the latest HR products and solutions, the Exhibition also serves as a platform to impart and share knowledge and best practices as the event provides an opportunity for the practitioner to keep abreast of the ever evolving HR and business landscape that is driven by technology.

Great HR Debate

Great HR Debate is a featured event in the National HR Conference and encompasses a series of contemporary topics. The ‘Great HR Debate’, aims to promote leadership through communication excellence and to offer participants the opportunity to test and improve their knowledge of latest business management issues through organized discussions and debates, enabling them to gain confidence in public speaking as well as an application of communication as a powerful tool of leadership.

Great HR Practices

Great HR Practices’ is a novel and meaningful new addition to the National HR Conference. As the country’s apex body of the HR profession, CIPM Sri Lanka strives to promote best practices in the sphere of HR and L&D and the proposed new initiative aims at sharing proven HR practices with the Sri Lankan business community with a view to adding value to Sri Lankan organizations. It also fills the lacuna that prevails in the sphere of literature on best HR practices in the country. The forum also enables organizations to showcase their best practices to the country’s business community and be duly rewarded for such worthy efforts.

Great HR Quiz,

This exciting competition will see teams vying for the championship as well as other attractive prizes. This programme will be a ‘Live’ table quiz. CIPM’s objectives in staging this event are cantered on broad Knowledge sharing of creating opportunities to research on best HR practices and putting together a large HR audience for positive interaction within a competitive spirit.


  • IPM Sri Lanka Crowned winner at National Business Excellence Awards 2017.
  • ISO 9001:2015 Surveillance Audit 2017.
  • ISO 14001: 2015 Environnemental Management System.
  • CIPM SL Shines with National Quality Award for Education Sector.
  • South Asian Business Excellence Awards 2021.
  • National Business Excellence Awards 2021.


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