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Personnel Management Association of Thailand (PMAT)


The Personnel Management Association of Thailand (PMAT) is the premier organization for HRM and HRD professional association for all levels of HR professionals. PMAT is a non-profit organization with our objectives to develop and provide the highest competency and efficiency of HR management and development for various organizations.

In order to support these objectives, PMAT has developed various training courses and activities to the public for 49 years and now, PMAT has membership of over 2,500 across Thailand covering organizations and individuals from both private and public sectors, state enterprises and educational institutions.

PMAT also supports HR professional development in Thailand and has several projects to create HR professional competency and accreditation, as well as collaborations with the government agencies to create HR professional development programs, and produces HR publications, including our HR journal for distribution to HR professionals.

APFHRM country reports

The members of the Asia Pacific Federation of Human Resource Management (APFHRM) meet regularly to share ideas, perspectives and information relating to the practice of HR in the Asia Pacific region and their individual institutes. Below are the country reports for Thailand.

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