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Singapore Human Resources Institute (SHRI)


Powering Human Capital Since 1965

SHRI comprises different core products and services: SHRI Academy, SHRI Corporate Learning & Consultancy Hub, SHRI Capability Development Centre and The Singapore Professionals’ & Executives’ Co-operative (SPEC). These services aim to promote continuous learning, upgrading and professional development.

Committed to promulgating and maintaining high standards of professionalism in human resource management and development, SHRI drives the HR agenda. We link and connect HR professionals and practitioners locally and overseas through our signature events and membership activities. We provide a comprehensive suite of events, conferences, seminars, dialogues and sharing sessions that serve as a springboard for corporations and individuals to find their own breakthroughs and transformations from discussions, exchanges, learning and networking.

With a wide-ranging educational curriculum and adult training courses, we advocate a culture of continual life-long learning and skill-upgrading to enhance and enable knowledge acquisition and skills development at both corporate and individual levels. Our academic programmes and workshops are customised to cater to the dynamic learning needs of the current workforce. SHRI aims to reach out to the different stratums of the workforce: from professionals, managers, executives, technicians (PMETs) to mature and retrenched workers as well as those under-going career transitions. We seek to provide them with resources and avenues to enhance their competency and maintain employability.

APFHRM country reports

The members of the Asia Pacific Federation of Human Resource Management (APFHRM) meet regularly to share ideas, perspectives and information relating to the practice of HR in the Asia Pacific region and their individual institutes. Below are the country reports for the Singapore.

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Major events

The Singapore HR Awards

Organised annually by SHRI, The Singapore HR Awards celebrate leading organisations and HR practitioners in their drive for impactful human capital strategies. It serves as a valuable platform to promote and recognise excellence within the HR profession in Singapore by highlighting HR best practices and individuals that have greatly impacted the quality of businesses and the workforce. Each year, leading HR trailblazers and people management practices are honoured and new benchmarks and standards for the HR profession are developed. Each leading award is a distinctive recognition by SHRI to mark the successes and accomplishments of people managers, thus further emphasising the importance of Singapore in putting human capital as a key business outcome.


SHRI Academy

SHRI Academy is a HR training institution which caters to the learning and development needs of adult learners. With a comprehensive education curriculum, SHRI Academy offers lifelong learning opportunities and a diverse range of academic programmes – from certificate to master degrees. SHRI Academy takes pride in working with prestigious partner, Edinburgh Napier University (UK).


SHRI Corporation

SHRI Corporate Learning & Consultancy Hub focuses on enabling knowledge acquisition and skills development at both corporate and individual levels, through training, certification, HR consultancy and shared services. Through collaborations with a global network of consultants, practitioners and trainers, SHRI Corp delivers complete, integrated and holistic solutions to level up human capabilities.


Primary publication

Human Capital Magazine


Human Capital is the official publication of SHRI and the oldest HR publication in Singapore. Human Capital represents an authoritative voice on people management, providing HR professionals with practical solutions to workplace challenges, recommending new approaches and innovative practices in all areas of HR management and development.


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